United Machine Corporation


United Machine Corporation is located adjacent to Chicago's south side.  UMC is minutes from I-65, I-90, I-30 and I-94.  Because of central location and ease of accessibility United Machine Corporation can service its customer base from all forms of transportation.  Three major airports serve its locality.   With rail spur adjacent to property there are no limitations to shipments to the plant.  The 50,000 square foot facilities can handle all types of equipment building, rebuilding, fabricating and engineering requirements.  Our personnel come from the heartland of manufacturing with capabilities to meet your toughest demands in engineering, welding, machining, fabricating, on-site assistance and rebuilding needs.    Please feel free to visit our facilities at your convenience.



(All digital equipment is certified, traceable to U.S. Bureau of Standards)

(Digital readouts on machines are calibrated and checked to certified standards.)

48" x 30" x 8" Grade A, 4 Ledge Surface Plate w/ Stand

0-48" Certified Outside Inspection Micrometers

0-60" Certified Inspection Standards

0-240" Certified Inside Micrometers

0-48" Large Inspection Calipers

Lot Precision Venier Inspection Angle Protractor

Lot Precision Master Squares, 6" through 48"

Lot Precision Depther Guages, 0-12"

Lot Bridge Beams, Parallels, Straight Edges:  up to 10'

Static/Dynamic Strobe Balancing System

Certified Hardness Testors

Stop/Start Time Clutch Brake Testing Equipment

Precision Load Cell Testors

Lot Contactless Heat Bearing Testors



6" Giddings and Lewis Floor Type HBM, 10' vertical x 24' horizontal, w/ Dig Readouts

5" Giddings and Lewis Table Type, 120" x 60", w/ Dig Readouts, 90 deg head

5" Giddings and Lewis Table Type, w/ Dig Readouts, 90 deg head

4" Giddings and Lewis Table Type, w/ Dig Readouts, rotary table

4" Giddings and Lewis Table Type, w/ Dig Readouts, outboard support



20" Monarch x 96" Engine Lathe, w/ Steady Rests

24" Romi Bridgeport x 120" Engine Lathe, w/ Dig Readouts and Steady Rests

26" Monarch x 120" Engine Lathe, w/ Steady Rests

30" Sculfort x 16' Engine Lathe, w/ Steady Rests

50" Craven x 24' Engine Lathe, w/ Steady Rests

54" American x 20' Engine Lathe, w/ Steady Rests

64" Niles x 28' Engine Lathe, w/ Steady Rests



40" Dynatrol Bullard "Cutmaster" VBM, w/ Dig. Readouts

80" King "ProCut" VBM, w/ Dig. Readouts

130" Cincinnati "MasterCut" VBM, w/ Grinding Head



Bridgeport 32" x 14" Production Master, w/ keyseater attachment

Cincinnati, No. 3 Vertical Mill, 15" x 65", w/ Dig Readouts

Cincinnati Hydrotel, 130" x 30", w/ Dig Readouts, Attachments



Baker, Keyseater to 1 1/4" capacity x 24" stroke

Rockford 14' x 5' x 5' Openside Hydraulic Planer w/ Tooling and Attachments



11" Diameter 3' Radial Arm American Hole Wizard Drill Press

14" Dayton 5 Speed Single Spindle Floor Drill Press w/ Table

15" Single Spindle Floor Drill, Boyce Crane

16" Diameter 6' Radial Arm Town Drill Press w/ Table

25" Clearman Box Column Upright Drill Press w/ Table



(2) 8" Cincinnati Double End Bench Grinders

(2) 10" Double End Pedestal Bendch Grinders

Hammond Carbide Double End Tool and Cutter Grinder

Van Doorn Double End Carbide Pedestal Grinder

14" Carbide Tool Grinder

1 1/2" Burr King Vertical Best Superfinisher 1 1/2 HP

3" G&P Abrasive Belt Grinding Attachment 7 1/2 HP

Toolmaster, ID/OD Grinder Lather Attachment

VBM ID/OD Tool Post Grinding Attachment

Lot Assortment of "Endless Belt" Superfinishers

30" Storm Vulcan Crankshaft Grinder



Greenerd No. 3 Bench Arbor Press

Dake, 100 Ton Hydraulic H-Frame Straightening/Pushoff Press

300 Ton Oil Gear Horizontal Wheel Pulling Press w/ Hydraulic Power Unit

25 Ton Kenlee H-Frame Hydraulic Press, Straightening and Pushoff Press



Pro-Cut 125 Lincoln Plasma Cutting System w/ Cart, Cables, Accessories

400 Amp Lincoln DC400 Welder w/ Wire Feeder and Accessories

500 Amp Lincoln DC500 Welder w/ Accessories

600 Amp Miller FC-6, DC Arc Welders w/ Wire Feeder, Cables, Accessories

(2) Automatic Liner Burning Bug Units

(2) Portable Gasoline Welding Carts

Lot Welding Fixtures

(4) Burning Buggies w/ Tanks, Mics. Burning Equipment, Gauges, Etc.

(2) MIG Welding Units

Misc. Heating Torches (propylene-oxygen, natural gas and acetylene-oxygen)

Portable Furnace for Localized Stress Relieving

Lot Welding Hold Down Tables

4000# Welding Positioner

68" Automatic Welding Lathe x 20'

TAFA Arcspraywelding System-- Spray welding of all types



14" Scotchman Glide In Vertical Band Saw

16" Wells Saw Power Production Saw

24" DoAll Hydraulic Production Band Saw, Automatic Stop and Trip Feed w/ Conveyor

(2) 14" Bench Type Cutoff Saws, Abrasive

18" Marvel Hydraulic Hack Saw, w/ Tables



Van Norman 12" Rotary Table

4 Jaw Bar Stock Chucking Support for Lathes

Lot Misc Wahlhopter Precision Boring Heads w/ Micrometer Settings

Lot Small Angle Plates

Lot Large Angle Plates

Lot Misc V-Blocks

Precision Dividing Head

Lot Tooled Crib

Pope Precision Toolpost Grinder

Giddings and Lewis 60" Rotary Table



(2) 6000# Forklift Truck w/ 3 Stage Triple Mast, Fork Extension

Pallet Rider Material Handlers

Material Packaging and Signode Strapping System

Safety Kleen Material and Parts Cleaning System

Misc. Doube Sided Cantilevered Stock Racks

3 Ton Battery Operated Magnet

Lot Misc. Plate Clamps

Lot Misc. Chains

Lot Misc. Cables

Large Grit Blasting Machine, 10' x 20' x 20' Room Capacity



8' x 8' Four Leg Gantry Material Handling Hoist

17' One Ton Free Standing Gib Crane, Pendant Control

2 Ton 45' Span Bottom Running Bridge Crance, Pendant Control

20 Ton MecoMatic 56' Top Running Double Girder Bridge Crane, Pendant Control

25 Ton DeMag 60' Double Girder Bridge Crane, Pendant Control

50 Ton P & H 60' Double Girder Bridge Crane w/ 2 Hooks, Radio Controled Pendant



Portable Stop Time Measuring Device

Contactless Heat Temperature Thermometer

(2) 3/4" Magnetic Milwaukee "Bucs" Drills w/ Tooling

18" Travel Cross Slide Field Turning Machine

14' Vera Mill, Portable Milling Machine w/ 90 Deg Head Attachment

16' Continental Portable 360 Deg Milling Machine

Misc. Lot Burning Equipment, Carts, Rigs

8" Craftsman 1/3 HP Bench Drill Press

5" Craftsman 1/5 HP Doube End Bench Grinder

(2) On Site Mansaver Kerosene Heaters

(1) Tow Behind, Portable Gas Welder w/ Generator

Lot Fork Truck Beam Extension

Lot Ladders

Lot Misc. Heating Torches

Lot Mics. Portable Hydraulic Jacks

Lot On Site Inspection Equipment

Lot Hydraulic Rams, Toe Jacks, Moving Equipment

Lot Machinery Rollers

Lot Certified Load Cell/Tonnage Calibration Device



Ford 1 Ton Heavy Duty Pick Up Truck

Chevy 1/2 Ton Pick Up Truck, Mobile Service Truck, Tooled for Service

GMC 4 x 2 Heavy Duty Stake Bed w/ 24' Bed

Jeep 1 1/2 Ton Pick Up Truck, Mobile Service Truck, Tooled for Service

GMC Suburban, Mobile Service Truck, Tooled for Service

Ford On Site Field Service Truck w/ 35' Manlift Boom

Ford On Site Field Service Truck F-350

Chevy On Site Field Service Truck